Asheville, NC

20BACF23-447D-4312-8B0A-974139F4C6D9-1000Sunny Point Cafe, 626 Haywood Road, West Asheville, is a charming mom-pop restaurant favorite among locals, visitors, and foodies. Definitely worth the wait if you don’t mind.

One of the highlights and charm of the restaurant and always something I look for is whether they have a garden. Praise Buddha, they have a garden beside the establishment! They encourage ya to check it out before leaving, so check it out.

As for the dishes eaten, “Huevos Rancheros,” the chorizo needs a little heat, other than that, a delicious interpretation of a legendary Mexican breakfast favorite. Next, the “Organic Carrot Hotcakes” with cardamom cream cheese – Phenomenal! What else can I say about this dish? So pleased they had nice thin slices of carrot.

We also had the “Breakfast Burrito.” Not too shabby, flavorful for a young palate, but I would have enjoyed a little more flavor. My dish was a little bland, probably tamed by the cheese. The eggs were fluffy – everything was fresh. But again the chorizo needs a little heat to balance out the blandness. It would be wonderful if they could offer heat levels for the chorizo.

Nevertheless, an enjoyable dining experience had by all of us. If I had a rating system, I’d give Sunny Point 4 out of 5 stars. They could have received 5/5 if the waiter didn’t handle my coffee cup at the rim. That’s a no-no.

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